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Performance Monitoring of Windows Azure applications is a burdensome process, especially the process to enable and collect performance counters. When we started working on Azure Guru tool, our goal was to create a tool that helps in answering the following questions in an easy way.
  • How to enable and collect Performance Counters from Web and Worker roles?
  • How to collect IIS Logs from the Azure Web Roles?
  • How to collect Event Viewer logs from Azure Web and Worker roles?
  • How to collect information about SQL Azure performance?

For the beta release of Azure Guru, we have developed the features for first two questions. This release of Azure Guru helps in following

Azure Performance Counters:
  • Remotely enables Performance Monitor Counters on Azure Web and Worker Roles
  • Collects Performance Monitor Counters
  • Create a Performance Monitor Counter HTML Report with Graphs and Analysis

Azure IIS Log Analysis:
  • Remotely enables IIS Logs on Azure Web Roles
  • Collection of IIS Logs from Azure Web Roles
Analysis of IIS Logs
IIS Log HTML Report

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